Austin YMCA Members Take Part in Winter Triathalon

Posted at: 02/24/2013 11:50 PM
Updated at: 02/25/2013 9:02 AM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- People in Austin looking to get out and get rid of the winter blues took part in the YMCA's annual winter triathlon.

When there's snow on the ground, exercising isn't always the first thing on everyone's mind. But some YMCA club members dedicated their day to getting fit Sunday afternoon. In fact, they went well beyond a normal workout routine.

"I am doing my first ever triathlon today," said Diane Evans, member of the Austin YMCA.  

Diane Evans is a physician at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin.

"I tell my patients to always exercise, so I figured I should do the right thing and get back into it," said Evans.

Like many of the triathlon participants, Diane Evans is staying true to her New Year’s resolution of getting back in shape.

"I think all you guys know in your mid-forties you tend to gain weight and it's very frustrating," said Evans.

"Usually mid-February is that point where people kind of stop working out and doing their routine, so this gives them a goal something to focus on during the winter months," said YMCA Fitness Director Kristi Stasi.

Participants were able pick their challenge. One, an hour and 20 minutes. The other was for those a little more ambitious, two hours long.

"It feels good, it's a good workout and it's something to maintain your fitness during the winter time," said Sam Skogeboe, member of the Austin YMCA.  

"Some people think when they do a 30 minute workout they can hop right in the pool and do a 30 minute workout and it's a way different work out. So they find how exhausting it can get very quickly," said Stasi.

For Evans, finishing her last lap was an accomplishment that she had doubts about.

"I didn't think I could do it so this is to all the people out there next year come on down if I can do it so can you guys," said Evans.

Event organizers say the triathlon is a good way to get out, stay fit, and get ready for the spring season.