Jenna Svoboda

Posted at: 02/27/2013 6:35 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- When you've been on varsity since ninth grade, you sometimes forget just how many points you've scored in your career. At least, that kind of happened to Jenna Svoboda. Then, she hit that magic number.

"It's just crazy to think that it finally happened," said the senior.

Jenna scored her 1,000th point on February 15th at the very start of Austin's game against Century.

"It came down to that night and just like any other game, I was just playing. I wasn't going to be a ball hog and take it," said Jenna. "If it came to me, it came to me, and it was senior night so it was extra special."

"It just felt great for her and I think for her teammates to be a part of it and be around," said Packers head coach Todd Johnson. "And then to watch her mom and dad come down. I think as a coach and as a dad you're kind of like 'wow that's really cool.'"

It was also the icing on the cake of a career that is almost over. Jenna graduates this year and will pursue other passions at the University of Nebraska. She'll leave basketball behind, but not before one last push in the playoffs.

"Us seven seniors have been together since fourth grade so we just want to leave everything on the court," said the captain.

"They watch her. When you have a leader and somebody that works hard you can bring people along with you," said Johnson. "That's what makes her a really great player is that she elevates other people's games too."