Trevino Case Investigators: 'Keep a Look Out for Anything Suspicious'

Posted at: 03/05/2013 2:08 PM
Updated at: 03/06/2013 11:43 AM
By: Cassie Hart

St. Paul police say they've received and followed up on more than 50 leads from tip callers in the search for a missing woman.

Thirty-year-old Kira Trevino was reported missing on Feb. 24 and is presumed dead. Police are continuing to search for her body.
Her husband Jeffery Trevino is charged with two counts of second-degree murder after investigators found blood splatter in the couple's home.

As Minnesotans remove snow from their properties from Tuesday's storm, investigators are asking residents to "Think about any possibilities of where (Kira) Trevino's remains might be concealed... and to keep a look out for anything suspicious."

Police say examples of areas to look include nature centers, parks, wooded areas, ponds, industrial dumpsters, construction site dumpsters or areas and low lying areas or gullies.

Investigators began staffing the tip line Friday. Police say they are looking for details on "Where she's at, where she went... and to really complete the puzzle."

Kira Trevino drove a 2006 white four-door Chevy Cobalt with license plate number XCC-572. Police are asking anyone who believes they saw the vehicle anywhere within 100 miles of the Twin Cities on Feb. 21 or 22 to call the tip line.

Police are also are looking for information on Jeffrey Trevino.

Police specifically want information on Jeffrey Trevino's whereabouts between the hours of 9 p.m. Feb. 21 and 9:45 a.m. Feb. 22.

The tip line's phone number is 651-560-327A7.

Tips have come from the Twin Cities metro area and beyond.