Joe Aase

Posted at: 03/05/2013 10:45 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- "It's the kind of season that people dream about having," described Austin senior basketball star Joe Aase.

The Austin Packers are undefeated. 25-0 and ranked 2nd in state in boys class 3A. They're on top of the basketball world, and a lot of his has to do with Aase.

"Joe's a scorer, he has the ability to score around the basketball as well as outside. I think what really sets him apart, with his size being 6'8', is his ability to shoot the ball from the three point line," said Austin head coach Kris Fadness. "He's got a little step back shot and when he's making that, he's near un-guardable. Bottom line, he puts the ball in the basket."

"It's probably the most fun when you're making shots in people's faces. That's probably my favorite part," said Aase.

Joe's unbelievable ability to make plays was noticed by coach Fadness long before Joe even walked the halls of Austin High School.

"I remember when Joe would come to our bitty camp and we had the little hoops," said Fadness. "Joe was already bigger than all the other boys and was dominating and would get mad at the other kids for not competing with him. He's always had that passion and you could see it at a young age."

Now they're here, in the midst of one of the best Packer basketball seasons in history. The future Division One basketball player has tons of accomplishments under his belt already. But like any high level athlete, he's still not satisfied.

"It's fun to meet people's expectations but I wouldn't say we've lived up to the hype yet," said Joe. "Playoffs are starting and we still have six more games we need to try and win before we can say it's really a successful season."

Aase's playing days in an Austin uniform are numbered, but one thing's for sure, he'll always be remembered as one of the Packers best.