Latest Burglary in Austin Brings Word of Caution

Posted at: 03/07/2013 5:32 PM
Updated at: 03/07/2013 6:15 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 News) -- Austin police are investigating another home burglary. It's the latest in a string of break-ins, but this the one reached a new level of concern as it happened in broad daylight.

"Service door in the garage, pried that open and once entry was made to the garage they were able to enter into the home," Austin police chief Brian Krueger explained.

It happened Wednesday in a quiet neighborhood in southwest Austin. When the burglars left, they left with a safe they found in a bedroom closet.

The safe contained an undisclosed amount of cash, along with jewelry, passports and other items.

And police are cautioning residents to take steps to protect themselves and their property.

"You need to have your door secured, number one," Krueger said.

In this case, the burglars forced open a service door with a pry-bar. An interior door connecting the garage to the house was not locked and you might want to start locking yours.

"It would have maybe made a little bit of a difference or taken more time for the suspect or maybe make them rethink whether or not they should commit the crime," Krueger said.

Get to know your neighbors and if you see something out-of-the-ordinary in your neighborhood, don't hesitate to report it to police.

"A lot of times I think people like to live that isolation, maybe not get to know their neighbors as well as they could or should in cases like this is possibly could be very helpful," Krueger said.

Police believe the daylight burglary could be related to other recent home burglaries in Austin, but do not believe it's related to burglaries at the Arby's or KFC restaurants last week.