Dream Kids On The Road Again

Posted at: 03/13/2013 6:58 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Just back from a trip to Washington to lobby for immigration reform, the Dream Kids are going to St. Paul.

"That was the beginning of something huge," said trip advisor Yesenia Mendoza. “And now we're going Thursday to do the hearing on the prosperity act.

The Minnesota Prosperity Act will allow certain immigrant youth to pay in-state tuition, receive state financial aid, and allow public colleges and universities to award private funds to students who meet certain criteria.

"Which would give so many students the opportunity to go to school and help their families," Yesenia Mendoza told us.

“And personally I will be testifying in front of the senate," student Maria Medina said. She was one of the three dozen young people who went on the Washington trip, and expects to go to St. Paul with the same message.

"Letting them know that we want a clear path to citizenship and we want family unity," she said. “We've struggled so much already, had to live in fear for so many years, that we don't want even more struggles to get what we deserve."

And on Thursday, the Minnesota Senate Higher education and Workforce Development Committee will hold a hearing on the bill that’s also called the Minnesota Dream Act II.

"We now have both democrats and republicans working together because they're both beginning to understand how important fair immigration reform is," Maria Medina said.