Byron Elementary School to Relocate Kindergarten Classes

Posted at: 03/13/2013 7:00 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The Byron School District has seen a spike in enrollment over the last couple of years. With nowhere else to grow inside the elementary school, they have to expand elsewhere.

It's more than just vocabulary that's growing at Bryon Elementary, student enrollment is as well.

"We sold our house in Rochester and moved to Byron just solely for the academics here and the school district,"  said Amy Walk, parent of kindergarten student.

Amy Walk has a 2nd grader at Byron Elementary School and a son that will be in kindergarten next year.

"I see nothing but growth, I see good things," said Walk.

And with 150 kindergarteners coming next year, the school district had no choice but to move the classrooms down the street.

"To better fit the needs of our students and also accommodate class sizes that were promised to our community, we made the decision to move our kindergarten classrooms to the community ed building," said Byron Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Elstad.

"Initially because of convenience, I thought oh bummer because it would of been nice to have them both in the same building," said Walk.

The move will put preschool and kindergarten students under one roof. Some parents have concerns that it's an older building.

"The building is structurally in great shape. It's just we have to do some remodeling to make the classrooms more attainable for kindergarten students," said Elstad.

Having to find ways to accommodate more students is something Superintendent Elstad likes to see.

"It’s a great problem and challenge to have and I don’t even want to call it a problem as much as a solution my colleagues in other parts of the state are on the other end of the spectrum. Where they're talking about closing buildings and how detrimental that is to a community, so we're in a great spot," said Elstad.

"Byron and the direction that they are taking, I think they are doing everything right. There's steps to everything and this is just one those little hiccups," said Walk.

Superintendent Elstad says this is hopefully just a temporary solution. But once this increase makes its way to the middle school, it will put that school over capacity as well.