Thawing and Freezing Creating Dangerous Conditions

Posted at: 03/13/2013 7:01 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- There may not have been a major snow event last night but there were dozens of accidents throughout the area.

While the road seemed clear patches of blowing snow  and the ice changed that in an instant.  Which surprised drivers and sent many flying off the road.

"By the time I wanted to slow down it was too late," said Melanie Weiss.

Weiss was just heading home from work Tuesday night on highway 14 when her SUV hit a slick spot and went rolling into the ditch.

"It was very scary, I said a prayer as I was going  in and just prayed I wasn't going to be trapped," said Weiss.

She says the roads seemed fine, but then had sudden spots of snow and ice.

"You could see snow blowing across there were a few times my tail end was fish tailing a little, but then just a big patch caught and took me right over," said Weiss.

Those slick spots kept tow companies busy. This is video from an accident off of I-90 east of the Brownsdale exit.

"It’s the element of surprise, that’s when they start flipping over on us," said the owner of Kasson Car Care Brian Bublitz.

He says they often see more accidents on nights when drivers are not expecting it to be slick.

"This month alone were probably up to 100 snow related crashes where prior to that we maybe had 50 or so," said Bublitz.

For MnDOT cleaning up snow drifts and ice patches is no easy task.

"There were a lot of scattered slippery spots and that was caused by blowing snow and temps overnight," said MnDOT spokesperson Kristin Kammueller.

While road crews were out, in drifting conditions the snow often recovers the road as fast as they can clear it.

"Just remember that black ice can form in many areas and just because one piece of highway is dry it doesn't mean 20 feet ahead it's not going to be a little slick, so just drive cautiously and slow down," said Kammueller.

Weiss who is just thankful to be able to go home to her husband and baby says she will definitely think twice the next time she hits the road.

"I've always taken my time and given myself extra time, but now I will drive like 30 mph," said Weiss.

MnDOT warns drivers to still be cautious because there are still many slick spots out there due to the snow melting and freezing.