Local Reaction To New Pope

Posted at: 03/13/2013 10:46 PM
Updated at: 03/13/2013 10:48 PM

(ABC 6 News) -- Since the big announcement, our reporters having been talking to a number of people in the Catholic community, including the second highest ranking Catholic in southeast Minnesota.

We visited with Monsignor Richard Colletti, sister's at Assisi Heights, and Catholic Church goers. Everyone we spoke with was thrilled for Pope Francis the first, and especially happy he chose that name, representing someone who is dedicated to helping the poor.

"I'm happy it didn't take very long and we have a Pope," said Catholic Rose Kuthtwaddle.

It was the quickest decision in recent history. "Happy it came up so fast, that means they're behind him! " said Sister Rafael Tilton.

"They really had a sense that the holy spirit really wants this man with his gifts, and his spirituality, and his talents to be a successor of Peter," said Monsignor Richard Colletti.

He says Cardinal Borgolio was not one of the papabile, or top runners, but says this was god's choice, and knew once he spoke, he was a man of great humility. "That was quite a thrill to hear his name for the first time and for him to choose Francis," said Monsignor Colletti

The two sisters we spoke with from Assisi Heights in Rochester said they couldn't agree more. "Francis was the little poor man who was very concerned with peace was concerned for the poor, by taking that name he says a whole lot," said Sister Ann Redig.

He chose the name immediately. A name they feel is well suited. "By hearing of how he's living his life in Buenos Aries is certainly a testimony to that," said Sister Redig.

He was living in a small apartment, riding the bus to work, and above all helping others. "He's known for a lot of social justice programs in Argentina and had a great relationship with his priest," said Monsignor Colletti.

A monumental day, uniting Catholics from all around the world. "The happiness of all those faces shows that the grace is there," said Sister Tilton.

"It shows that god is with this church still, and the holy spirit is with us, and the church is alive and well," said Kuthtwaddle.

Everyone we spoke with said his speech showed how genuine he is, asking the crowd to first pray for him as he begins this incredible journey.