Mall of America Praises Dayton for Dropping Sales Tax Expansion

Posted at: 03/14/2013 11:00 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The largest retail attraction in the country, is pleased with an updated budget plan from Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton.

The Mall of America was among the first groups to actively oppose Dayton's original plan to lower the sales tax rate, and add it to a variety of items, including clothes.

The MOA said tax-free clothing was a major attractor for tourists from around the world.

Below is a statement from mall representatives.

We would like to thank Governor Dayton for his continued support of the tourism industry and the economic benefits it brings to the state of Minnesota.

As you know, we were concerned of the effect a tax on clothing would have on bringing tourists to Mall of America and our state.
Not having a sales tax on apparel is the number one reason people come to MN to shop.
Overall these tourists are very important to our State and generate $12 billion each year in economic impact.

For every $1 that is spent at MOA, $3.66 is spent elsewhere in the state.
• One out of every nine jobs is tourism related
• One out of every five jobs is retail related

We’re thrilled that Governor Dayton has decided not to move forward with the tax on clothing as we believe it will help to preserve and grow the tourism and tourism industries in our great state.