Iowa Mother Charged After Child's Finger Amputated

Posted at: 03/18/2013 4:00 PM
Updated at: 03/18/2013 4:25 PM

STORM LAKE, Iowa (AP) - A Storm Lake woman has been accused of bounding her 3-year-old's finger so tightly a portion of it had to be amputated.
Police say 30-year-old Kaylyn Khamtan brought her daughter to an emergency room Thursday. Police arrested Khamtan after staff became suspicious of the child's injury.
Khamtan said she bound the girl's finger with tissue and a rubber band to cover a hangnail or some other similar injury. Staff told police the binding was so tight the girl's finger "mummified" and the rubber band sank to the bone, causing signs of gangrene. A surgical team removed a portion of the girl's finger.
Khamtan was charged Friday with child endangerment causing serious injury.
Online records do not list an attorney for Khamtan. There is no public number available for her.

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