Kingsland To Offer 2 Year College Degree

Posted at: 03/18/2013 10:42 PM
Updated at: 03/18/2013 10:44 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) -- Imagine going to high school and leaving with a college degree. That's what Kingsland High School in Spring Valley will soon be offering students. It's the first of its kind in southeast Minnesota.

It was an announcement a year in the making. "We finally realized we can do this we can plot this out," said Mindi Askelson with Riverland Community College.

Monday night, the Kingsland School Board gave it the green light. "Our students will be able to achieve a two year degree and stay on our campus without leaving," said Superintendent John McDonald. High school students taking college courses and they're all part of their daily class schedule.

"This way it helps the students that are prepared and ready to take some of the those credits out of the way or the entire AA Degree out of the way," said Askelson

They can choose whatever they can handle, ether just a few credits, or going for the full two year degree. "It gives our students quite an opportunity for advance learning especially if you’re going into college or the technical areas," said Sup. McDonald.

Their high school teachers will be their professors. "High school teachers have to make the same qualifications that our faculty have to meet," said Askelson. Eight Kingsland teachers meet the requirements. They'll be mentored by professors at Riverland Community College, teaching the exact same class as they do.

"They get the best of both worlds," said Askelson.

Actual college curriculum for the high school price, free. “They receive their high school credits, their college credits, and no cost to them," said Sup. Mcdonald.

Students would still have to qualify for this as they would to get into college. They have to take an entrance exam and get a 3.0 grade average or higher.