St. Paul Police Continue Following Leads in Trevino Case

Posted at: 03/19/2013 9:20 PM
Updated at: 03/20/2013 6:30 AM
By: Todd Wilson

The St. Paul Police Department is in the process of following leads on the disappearance of Kira Trevino at Keller Regional Park in Maplewood. Divers from Ramsey County Sheriff's Department were in the water.
"A couple of days ago, there were search and rescue dogs out on the ice. They did indicate through the ice. At that time we decided to follow through on their leads," Sergeant Paul Paulos of the St. Paul Police Department said.

Paulos says an area was pinpointed. The section was on the Southwest side of the lake, about 50 to 100 feet from shore. Divers went down for about 20 minutes at a time on a tether. They made a 360 degree search around the hole opening, searching at a range of 40 feet. The water was about 4 to 6 feet deep with a clarity of 5 feet or so.

"Right now we have negative results," Paulos said.

Police were looking for help from the public. Officers got it in the form of Amber Hansen and her dog "Little Romeo." She lives five minutes away and came out to search.

"I just thought maybe in some way I could help, I could do, any evidence I could find, anything I could call in," Hansen said.

Investigators say, their goal is to bring Kira home. If that means to look at every piece of evidence that comes in, then that is what they will do.