Cathleen Johnson

Posted at: 03/20/2013 5:38 PM
By: Laura Lee

 (ABC 6 News) -- This weeks Excellent Educator is Cathleen Johnson from Byron Public Schools.

"To get somebody to recognize what you do and what you love is amazing," says Johnson after being surprised during her class.

What she does is teach Family Consumer and Science at Byron Middle School. Something she says was her calling.

"I don't know how to separate myself from teaching, its just who I am," she says, "I love all of the kids here and I love doing what I do, teaching what I teach."

Teaching students personal decision making, sewing skills, babysitting, even cooking and eating right.

Johnson says she runs her class kind of like a pizza place, where every student gets delivered a pizza box with the day's lesson plan. For example, their next assignment is making pizza dough.

"These skills are so important and practical, they actually can apply that to their real life."

But the most important recipe she wants to teach her students,"to know that their special and valuable and that they have a contribution to make to the world."