Granting a Wish

Posted at: 03/22/2013 6:52 PM
Updated at: 03/22/2013 6:58 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The make a wish foundation has granted more than two hundred thousand wishes. One of their most recent wishes was granted to a Rochester 8th grader.

Most kids wish to meet a certain celebrity or to travel to Disney World, but for John Adams Middle School student Cade Larson his wish was simply to do what he loves in one of the cities most famous for it.

Painting has always been one 8th grader Cade Larsen's favorite hobbies.

"It's a way to show your feelings and your emotions and a way to kind of let some of that off," said Cade Larsen.

Then last year Cade received a tough diagnosis and painting became his way to cope.

"After that I was like lets go paint, let’s go paint," said Cade Larsen.

After suffering unbearable headaches doctors discovered Cade had a tumor on his brain that had to be removed.

"It was really confusing and terrifying," said Cade.

"You’re just a little bit speechless, this can't be happening this can't be real," said Cade’s dad John Larsen.

Cade's parents were in shock has he was rushed into several surgeries to remove the tumor.

"You just never want to be in that situation where it's almost like somebody stole something from me, when they came in and told me they had opened up his head I just lost it," said Cade’s mother Paige Larsen.

The tumor was successfully removed, but the medical complications from it are far from over.

"There are some effects from it, he basically had to have his pituitary gland removed so he has no hormones, his body doesn't produce them so he has a lot of complications from that," said John Larsen.

Cade has a whole team of Doctors that work to make up for the lost hormones. But after constantly hearing bad news about his health Cade finally has some good news to share.

He was granted a wish from the Make a Wish Foundation. As you can imagine his wish has to do with painting.

Cade and his entire family will travel to Paris later this year so that Cade can paint with artists.

"Before it was just hopefully I'll hear good news from the Doctors and now it's something big and exciting to look forward to," said Cade.

And after everything Cade has gone though.

"He has had his moments, but he is mostly just calm and focused," said John.

His parents can't wait for him to have some time to simply do what he loves, paint.

"You don't know what your kids are made of until you've watched them go through something like this, and then as a mother I look at him and say wow I've got to step it up, I need to be a better mother because he is amazing," said Paige Larsen.

Cade and his siblings all have to get their passports before they can head to Paris. They plan to do so late summer or early fall.