Bowling Event Boosts Enrollment for New West Concord Public Charter School

Posted at: 03/23/2013 10:47 PM
Updated at: 03/25/2013 12:49 AM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 News) -- Residents in West Concord wanted a school of their own and now they could be getting one. A new public charter school will open in the fall as long as there is enough enrollment. Today, an event was held at a bowling alley, to give those enrollment numbers a boost.    

In an effort to draw in more students for the new West Concord Public Charter School, a fun atmosphere seemed to do the trick. Melissa Schingoi lives in West Concord and chose the new charter school for her kids.

"I thought it would be a better environment for them, smaller groups,"  said Melissa Schingoi.

Both Madison and Matthew go to Triton Public Schools in Dodge Center now, but Melissa feels West Concord Public Charter School is a better fit for them.

"Both of my kids have special needs, so I assume that they can get a lot better help there," said Schingoi.

"Not all learners learn the same and so being able to make that choice helps us reach all students,” said Start-Up Coordinator Nicole Musolf.

The new school will have a different curriculum than a traditional public school, focusing more on the basics.

With a goal of enrolling 70 students, the plan is to break ground on the new school as soon as the snow melts.

"We're constructing a new facility because there's not one here in town that would be workable,” said Jeff McCool.

Jeff McCool is not only a founder of the public charter school, he's also the Mayor of West Concord. He says the community is becoming younger and sees the benefits of a new school reaching outside building doors.

"I feel like this would be a good draw for people, give them a reason to move to town give them a school system to send their children to,” said McCool.

"If you have a school people will come and they will stay because that's where their kids learn and that's where they make their investments and so we're trying to answer the call of the population that's here right now,” said Musolf.

An extra perk for Melissa's kids? they'll now be able to walk to school next fall.

"They are counting down the days until school is out to start the new school,” said Schingoi.

If all goes according to plans, the West Concord Public Charter School will be up and running by the beginning of August just in time for the next school year.