Nothing Short of a Miracle

Posted at: 03/24/2013 10:42 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS)-- In just the first year of her life, Miracle Aduloju had to overcome more than many of us will in our entire lives. She is now just like any other six year old girl. She likes to dance, hula hoop, and loves school. But at one point in time, there was doubt as to whether or not she would even live long enough to do any of those things.


Miracle Adoloju’s fight for life started even before she was born.


"One of the visits to the doctor, they said, the picture, they were looking at doesn't look good. They had offered us an option to abort the baby,” said Funsho Aduloju, Miracle’s father.


But abortion wasn’t an option for her parents. Instead, they moved forward with the pregnancy. And then they came up on 26 weeks.


"They had to do an emergency C-section to bring her out,” said Bola Aduloju, Miracle’s mother.


"Babies who are born at 26 weeks, there's a good chance just from that, that they wouldn't survive,” said Dr. Chris Colby of Mayo Clinic.


She weighed just 1 pound 8 ounces, about the size of a dollar bill. But being born premature was just one thing Miracle was up against. Tack on a hole in her heart, spine issues, and a skull that wasn’t entirely fused together, and Miracle’s future was bleak.


"They told us, don't raise your hopes, because of all the things that she has to all the milestones that she has to perfectly accomplish, for us to even say she was, don't raise your hopes,” said Funsho Adoloju.


But just as they sit calmly today, Miracle’s parents, didn’t lose hope, instead turning to their faith.

"One thing my husband and I we have an understanding, we know that God will never give us any type of test or challenge that we cannot accomplish,” said Bola Aduloju.

“We just prayed and prayed. She grew up to three pounds,” said Funsho Aduloju.  


Three pounds turned to five, Miracle now weighing enough for open heart surgery. A few months later, her skull was fixed, and then at an appointment for her spine, finally, some good news.


"Another doctor came to see us and he was looking at the chart. He said I don't know why we're seeing you, it doesn't look bad... everything changed,” said Funsho Aduloju.


The Aduloju’s say it was the power of prayer and doctors acknowledge their strength.


"Their ability to kind of work through it with calm and grace and partnership with the medical team was really, really impressive,” said Dr. Colby.


Miracle, although shy on camera, is now a bit of a dancing queen and her future is anything but bleak.


"She beat a lot of odds to be discharged home and to be doing as well as she is today,” said Colby.


The Aduloju’s have written a book about their experience and their faith. It is titled, Don’t Buy the Picture.