Austin boys' basketball almost perfect

Posted at: 03/25/2013 12:33 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- 30-and-one. That's the Austin Packers record after their incredible 2012-2013 season.

"We just couldn't hit that big shot," said Packers head coach Kris Fadness after Austin suffered it's only loss of the year.

It wasn't the way the Packers wanted to end their season. A loss in the state title game never sits well, but it's hard to not be in awe of the year they had.

"It was a fun year," said junior guard Zach Wessels. "We played great all year, going 30-and-one, and at the end of the day, that's great."

Austin was almost perfect. They used clutch plays, like Joe Aase's three-pointers in the state quarterfinals and Wessels defiant lay-ups in the semis to get them into that coveted state championship game.

Delasalle was just a great team with great players.

"Playing Delasalle was not like playing a lot of the teams we played all year," said Fadness after the game. "we'd get turnovers tonight and their guys are running past us, getting back on defense. They're that athletic."

Packer nation was proud of their boys though. The outpour of community support was shown in the sea of red that filled Target Center on Saturday night.

"We just want to thank the community. That was awesome to see all those thousands of Packer fans out there," said senior forward Tom Aase. "It was an awesome experience, definitely something we'll never forget.  

That same support was shown Sunday in a welcome home celebration for the second place state finishers. It was one more chance to honor a team that made their community so proud.