One Talented Young Lady

Posted at: 03/26/2013 7:55 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- 120 of the best young musicians in the country will be part of the National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America. They’ll get to play their music in front of crowds in Washington D.C., Moscow, St. Petersburg, and London. It’s a rare opportunity one Century High School Senior will be a part of.

"Music has been there for me almost literally throughout my entire life and it's been something that has kind of grown with me and I relate in a way with music that I can't with other forms of expression and it means a lot. It's not really my life... But it's close,” said Jennifer Kim, a 17-year-old at Century High School.

Jennifer started playing the violin when she was just four years old.
“I walked around the house with an invisible instrument,” said Kim.

Now at the age of seventeen, her talent and love for music is taking her around the world.   

"I'm just happy to share it with people,” said Kim.

She heard about the National Youth Orchestra last Spring, but was hesitant to apply.

"A lot of kids kind of have a more prestigious music background than I do I guess,” said Kim.

But she went for it anyway.

"I just decided to go for it cause why not. It's a dream for any high school student who plays music and wants to travel the world with amazing people,” said Kim.

Jennifer sent in an essay, video interview, and excerpts of her music. Then she forgot about it. Until February, when she got an email, telling her she made it.

"At first it was confusion and I thought like what is this and when it hit me and I was like completely shocked cause I was like how did this happen, but I was really, really happy,” said Kim.

Happy to travel the world, with the best young musicians in the country, playing the instrument she loves.

"It just feels better then when you're just playing by yourself because it's something you can share with people and you don't get to do that very often with things that aren't words and it's something that comes straight from the heart,” said Kim.

Jennifer hasn’t decided where she is going to college next year. Although, Princeton is an option. She plans to minor in music.