Kim Schauer

Posted at: 03/27/2013 5:57 PM
Updated at: 03/27/2013 5:58 PM
By: Laura Lee

 (ABC 6 News) -- This weeks Excellent Educator is Kim Schauer, an English teacher from Rochester Central Lutheran.

"I feel very humbled and honored and just very surprised, I feel so blessed to be a teacher," says Kim Schauer, "I love getting to spend time with middle school students, I think they're the best age group ever."

When ABC 6 News stopped by her classroom to surprise her, the students were in the middle of a writing lesson.

"They're writing about themselves and who they are and expressing themselves," she says. A lesson Ms. Schauer says is also important.

"I want the students to know how much they're loved and that they are very special, I want them to be successful."

Something she also encourages in the arts, as the Advisor for the schools Drama Club.

"I'm just loving that I get to spend all day with them."