A Painful Time for the Logan Family

Posted at: 03/27/2013 10:35 PM
Updated at: 03/27/2013 10:38 PM
By: Steph Crock

(ABC 6 News) – It’s a been months of tragedy and pain for a local family. After losing their daughter last fall, now part of the family business has been reduced to ashes. It began on the first day of school, when Matt and Megan Logan learned their daughter was in a crash. DeeJ's first day as a senior would be her last. Now months later, their workshop building on their property, burned to the ground.

"They had put the fire out with a fire extinguisher, so they left the building so the smoke could clear out, and about 5 minutes later noticed that it had started back up," said Matt Logan.

Now it’s a pile of ashes. Matt Logan showed us what used to be here. A building full of handmade furniture for their business, Logan’s Furniture. "I said, I hope it’s not the Logan business, and here it was," said Bob Eustice. He's good friends with the Logan's. "This is a very good family and they've had such hard luck," said Bob.

He couldn't believe tragedy struck this family for a second time. "We lost our daughter about 7 months ago so something like this, it's an absolute material thing," said Matt. Their 17 year-old daughter DeeJ was killed after her car rear-ended a school bus. "It's tough…" said Matt.

DeeJ had been texting. “She was very much against texting and driving herself. That realization of, it only takes one time to do it," said Matt. The Logan's pushed through the pain, to spread an important message. Last week at Dover-Eyota High School they spoke to students about the choices they make.

"It's not easy," sobbed DeeJ's mother Megan Logan.

Matt says there are days when they can’t handle the weight of this tragedy on their own. "It's a process definitely that you through and it’s a lot of pain," said Matt.

"The family is really in need of help," said Bob. Even before the fire, Bob and others in the Byron community have been raising money for the family, and helped Logan's start a scholarship in DeeJ's name. "Continued support since then has been what gets us through every day," said Matt.

Even so, Matt says there are always going to be those moments where he thinks about DeeJ. "You know, it takes a part of you with it," said Matt.

After spending the afternoon with Matt, he wanted to stress that the building and everything in it is replaceable,  it’s nothing compared to the loss of their daughter.

The scholarship fundraiser for DeeJ will be on Sunday, May 5th at the Byron Events Center. Bob and others have also set up a bank account for the Logan's for anyone to help pitch in. It's at the First Security Bank in Byron.