Spring sports delayed -- again

Posted at: 03/28/2013 6:58 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The sun may be shining, but it's still tough to play softball or baseball when your field is covered in snow.

It's a problem for spring sports every year in Minnesota, and this March is no different.

"Being inside does suck after awhile," said Byron head baseball coach Larry Franck.

"It's tough being indoors just because that's not what softball is at all," Mayo softball coach Clint Thome said.

It's no surprise that almost all local coaches agree - being stuck indoors is far from ideal. They've been spoiled the last few years, but not this year.

"We've had some good springs the last few years.  It's just a little slower this year," said Franck.

When you're a spring coach in Minnesota though, you just learn to deal.

"For us, it's a chemistry thing," explained Riverland head baseball coach Scott Koenigs. "Our guys are all here, they're all going through the same thing together, so it's not necessarily a bad thing."

And if you're the Mayo Spartans, having some snow blowers helps too.

"One of our coaches brought a few snow blowers and we went out and blew off some inches, sometimes six inches, some ten to twelve," explained Thome. "It can't hurt."

It's not all bad. There's definitely some perks to be stuck in the gym.

"I think the inside time is good, if it gets to be too long, obviously it's tough to keep the girls stimulated," Thome said. "But the inside time is good because we get a good chance to evaluate the girls and get a lot of quality one-on-one time."

Franck agreed. "I think there's good things about being inside," he said. "For us this year, we have more time to get our pitchers ready, to get our team ready, and work on fundamentals."

But of course, nothing beats the beautiful spring weather.