Community on Edge After Police Warn of Suspicious Men Luring Children

Posted at: 03/29/2013 9:42 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

 (ABC 6 News) -- Growing concern in a small town after reports of two men approaching kids, possibly trying to abduct them.

The Wells Police Department is alerting the community after three different reports in the last few weeks.

Two men are approaching kids asking them if they want candy.

Karleah Rameriz and her family only live a few blocks from United South Century Schools.  

"I'm not gonna let 'em walk when there's something like that going on,” said Rameriz.

Instead she’s been driving them directly to the school.

"There is people approaching kids offering them candy,” said Tim Brenegan of the Wells Police Department.

The Wells Police Department says the suspects are two white males in their late teens, early twenties, driving a red mini-van.

"We don't have license plates,” said Brenegan.

Police say it started roughly two weeks ago, then last Saturday, two more cases were reported.

"That is behavior that as a police department, we're concerned with, as a parent myself. And something that we would just like to identify the individuals, find out what's going on. If it's something, if it's a prank or if it isn't, just to find out what's going on,” said Brenegan.

"Something you read about or hear about on the news, not here in Wells,” said Rameriz.

The kids are 4th and 5th graders and couldn’t tell police exactly where they were approached, but in a newsletter the USC Elementary School said one of the kids was approached near Third Avenue Southeast. The incidents have Karleah talking with her kids.

"Don't talk to strangers, go get somebody right away if somebody tries to talk to you. Even if they say they know us, your mom and dad said that we have to pick you up today, don't get in their car, just run away,” said Rameriz.

And have her hoping her kids will soon be able to walk to school.     

"They should be able to walk to and from school without fear of somebody taking 'em,” said Rameriz.

Police are asking if anyone sees anything suspicious to get a hold of them.

They have also created a Facebook page to keep the community informed.