Warmer Temperatures Bring Minor Flooding

Posted at: 03/30/2013 11:41 PM

 (ABC 6 NEWS)-- Spring is here, which means temperatures are finally rising, but now, so are some river levels.    

A flood warning has been issued in Olmsted County. Most of that is caused by the combination of melting snow and rain.


Saturday afternoon, the entrance to Oxford Park near Byron was blocked off because part of the road was under water. The Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department says there was an ice jam causing a back-up of water near County Road 105.


Much of the park was still under water once they were able to break the ice jam. The Zumbro River was full of large ice chunks and debris.


"Main concern is people to stay away from the riverbeds, creeks, and that kind of stuff that get backed up with water you need to be really safe anyway, but spring time is a particular dangerous time of year because even though the water looks sound and there's big chunks of ice, it's extremely deceiving,” said Sgt. Jacobson with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Department.


There’s also concern of minor flooding near the Zumbro River at Zumbro Lake and Whitewater Park in St. Charles. It’s also important to not drive on roads covered with water, any amount can be dangerous.