Longer Winter Both Good and Bad for Local Businesses

Posted at: 03/31/2013 10:44 PM
Updated at: 04/01/2013 7:20 AM

(ABC 6 NEWS)-- We’re eleven days into spring and while the sun was out today, the ground is still covered with snow. It’s a big difference from this time last year and it’s affecting businesses, both good and bad.       

The parking lot at Rochester Golf and Country Club is full, but the snow covered course is empty. A different scene from the year before.

"We were open March 17th, or 19th,” said General Manager Michael McNeil.

That early start, helping the club’s pocket book.

"The revenues were up last year because the early start, course the expenses were up too,” said McNeil.

And even though the course isn’t expected to be ready for a while, the club isn’t worrying just yet. The average start date is still a few weeks away.

"Because we're up fifty members this year, and mother nature usually evens out, we'll probably be playing in the end of December,” said McNeil.

“We’re having a good winter,” said Jim Sebesta, owner of Double Eagle Indoor Golf Center in Rochester. The golf simulator has challenging courses and breathtaking views all in the comfort of a warm room.

"I think they're not expecting this type of golf when they're playing simulator golf, but it's fairly realistic and it's the best winter golf they're gonna get around here,” said Sebesta.

Last year, they were closed by this time, so they say, bring on the snow.

"It would be okay if we had snow on the ground ‘til June 1st,” said Sebesta.

But the Rochester Golf and Country Club is read to have their parking lot full of golfers.

"This year is more typical opening. And the snow will be gone next week and they'll be a lot of buzzing around here,” said McNeil.