Randy Staver Reacts to Wojcik's Withdrawl from Race

Posted at: 04/02/2013 10:40 PM
By: James Wilcox

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Current Interim Rochester City Council President Randy Staver says he appreciates that Michael Wojcik decided to leave the race for Council President.

Although there will still be a special election, Staver is the presumptive winner. He says now is the time to focus on moving Rochester Forward.

"I think it was a very honorable thing four Councilman Wojcik to do. I've known Michael as a friend and colleague, and I agree that now we'll be able to focus our time and energy on the things that matter to the people of Rochester," Staver Said.

If Staver is elected, which is expected to happen, there will be a primary election in July to fill his current council seat.