Gay Marriage Performance Calls for Equality

Posted at: 04/03/2013 6:41 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It's a topic that has become a fixture on the nightly news and on the front page.

Now, it's also on-stage.

It's called "515 - The Tour"

“It’s kind of a play, and it's about marriage equality," said 515 creator Bryan Gerber.

And the number 515 wasn't an accident.

"Kind of a series of sketches and vignettes that focus on the 515 laws in Minnesota that discriminate against same-sex couples," said 515 actress Anna Wakefield.

"These 151 plus statutes are written in such a way that specifically allows protection for married couples."

“What you see here is just kind of the simplified way to show people what that means and how that could affect their own lives," said creator Bryan Gerber.

“What kind of protections are they missing out on, what kind of restrictions do they have to adhere to in their day to day lives because they're not allowed to get married,” cast member Anna Wakefield added.

“Nothing respects and protects a family like marriage. Everyone deserves the freedom to marry, and civil union is not marriage," Bryan Gerber told us. “For me, I always felt like art has this real strong ability to affect social change or at least spark a dialogued and conversation."

“We really want to instill in our audience the idea that they can do something about this issue," actress Anna Wakefield said. “I'm hoping it empowers them."

"515 - The Tour" will be performed at 7 o'clock Wednesday at Christ Episcopal Church in Austin.