Number of Female Business Owners Rising

Posted at: 04/05/2013 7:43 PM
Updated at: 04/05/2013 7:47 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 News) -- In the past 16 years the number of female business owners has risen by more than fifty percent.

Several area business woman say they've definitely seen a big change in ownership.

"it's a juggle, it's most definitely a juggle," said Michelle Kalina.

Kalina learned the challenges of being both mother and business owner when she opened her own beauty store about face.

"I'm on photo shop at 5:30 doing advertisements, I do my kid thing, and then I come to work for a bit and then I go home and do my kid thing and then I’m back on the computer," said Kalina.

And Kalina says since she's started there she's met more and more woman that are businesses owner themselves.

"There’s a great group of women Business owners in Rochester and we always help each other," said Kalina.

LeeAnn Zubay the owner of ZZest Café and Market says she's definatley had times where she was treated differently than a male business owner.

"There are times and my husband laughs at this, I go to shows and they almost always looked at him, and I'm like excuse me it's me," said Zubay.

But times are changing. According to an American Express report, in the past 16 years more while new businesses have increased by 41 percent the number of woman owned businesses have increased by 59 percent. In Minnesota woman owned businesses have increased by 35 percent.

Leeann says she's definitely seen a change.

"I think with more woman in business you can kind of be the boss a little bit easier, because people are more accepting," said Zubay.

And while it takes juggling, for Michelle, the best part of owning her own business is setting an example for her children.

"the reward I see is when I look at my daughter who's here with me and that she will learn also the business,” said Kalina.

According to the American Express report the three states with the fastest growth of woman owned firms are Georgia, Texas, and North Carolina.