Austin's First Youth Archery Tournament

Posted at: 04/06/2013 6:45 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS)-- More than a dozen kids gave it their best shot in a tournament at Packer Arena today at Austin's first youth archery tournament.


Concentrations is key when it comes to a sport like this.


"Take deep breaths and just put your hand up back to your ear and shoot,” said Grace Bobby, who participated in the tournament.


These kids make it look easy, but hitting the target takes some practice.


"It's like oh where did it go, where did it go and then I get butterflies in my stomach it's really fun,” said Grace.


10 year old Grace Bobby has been training on the bow and arrow since she was 3.


"This is her against herself. She tries to improve every time she goes out she works on different aspects of shooting and you know I think that's great for her,” said Grace’s dad Joel.


"It brings there attention span to what they’re doing and it's an outdoor sport in the summer and it can progress into a family sport,” said Steven Scott, Austin Parks and Recreation Archery Instructor.


Grace is the only girl in her age group who participated in the youth indoor 300 archery tournament.  


"It's just fun that a girl can actually go and compete against a boy,” said Grace.


"It goes to show that this is the kind of sport where it doesn't mean that you have to be a boy to do it. You can do it as a girl and be just as much fun and just as good at it,” said Joel.


"Being an individual sport like I said anybody can shoot a bow and it's something that they can do the rest of their lives,” said Scott.


While today's tournament was mostly just for fun, the hope is that more kids will become interested in the sport.


"Pulling back the bow it just feels good and then shooting it just feels good that I'm doing it,” said Grace.


The Austin Parks and Recreation Department hope to have another youth archery tournament next year. If this sounds like something your kids want to do, there are archery training classes throughout the summer.