Grand Meadow Doctor Retires After 30 Years

Posted at: 04/07/2013 10:46 PM

A beloved doctor of three decades retires leaving hundreds of people from Grand Meadow and surrounding communities wondering where to seek treatment.


The line out the door of those wishing Dr. Michael Gregg a good retirement shows how much the community loves him.


Dr. Gregg has worked in Grand Meadow for nearly three decades, and just a week ago he put down his stethoscope for good.


"Different, very different and I'm going to miss it. I'm going to miss the scientific part of medicine as well, but mostly I'll miss the patients," said Dr. Michael Gregg.


Most of his patients feel the same way about him.


"I could call him up and I didn't even have to come in and he knew what to prescribe," said Lavonne Baldner.


Lavonne Baldner has been a patient of Dr. Gregg's ever since he started working at Mayo Clinic in Grand Meadow.


"I am a little nervous about getting a new doctor," said Baldner.


The local clinic is now closed because they've had no luck finding a replacement for Dr. Gregg. 


"He was always looking out for your best interest, so I'm really going to miss that and I hope I find it again," said Baldner.


The community hopes another physician will take Dr. Gregg's place at the clinic, but many say they have big shoes to fill.


"It's been wonderful and a privilege to share their lives, you know they shared their lives with me and I enjoyed them a lot," Dr. Gregg.


For now, the Mayo Clinic in Grand Meadow remains closed. It seems Dr. Gregg is easing into retirement, he's still helping out at the local nursing home once a week.