UPDATE: Mayo Civic Center Included in Governor Dayton's Bonding Bill

Posted at: 04/08/2013 11:37 AM
Updated at: 04/08/2013 12:42 PM

ST. PAUL, MN. (AP) - State Capitol repairs, civic center expansions and veterans home upgrades are expected to have a place in Governor Mark Dayton's plan for Minnesota-financed construction projects.
Dayton is introducing his plan this morning. It includes the expansion of the Mayo Civic Center Rochester.
But this year's bonding bill is a rare example of where GOP buy-in is necessary. It takes a three-fifths vote to pass one and Democrats are short of that margin on their own.
Republicans have generally supported devoting money to the state Capitol renovation, but House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt says lawmakers should worry about balancing the state budget before taking up a bonding bill.
House Democrats were set to outline their proposal on Tuesday.

ABC 6 News has a crew at the capitol. We'll outline the local impacts of the Governor's proposal tonight on ABC 6 News at 5 & 6. 

Read the full press release below.


ST. PAUL, MN – Governor Mark Dayton today introduced a bonding proposal that would invest $750 million in infrastructure projects statewide, creating an estimated 21,000 Minnesota jobs. The plan – which builds on the Governor’s proposed budget measures to get Minnesotans back to work – would address many of the state’s needed infrastructure improvements and strengthen Minnesota’s economy.

“My proposals will put thousands of Minnesotans back to work throughout our state,” said Governor Dayton. “It gives priority to projects that are ready to go.  Many of them have been delayed for years and are needed to revitalize downtown business centers, modernize college classrooms and laboratories, and improve infrastructure throughout our state.”

State Capitol Restoration

The Governor’s bonding proposal would invest $109 million in a major restoration of the state Capitol, making the building functional and safe for the next 100 years. For three decades, plans for repairing the aging building have been debated and neglected. But the funding provided in this bonding proposal would complete restoration of the building by the end of 2016. Restoration measures would include:

For an up-close look at needed infrastructure improvement within the Capitol, watch this episode of TPT’s Almanac: At the Capitol.

Higher Education

Governor Dayton’s bonding proposal also invests $189 million in our state’s higher education systems to ensure that Minnesota students have access to world-class labs, classrooms, and training for the jobs of the future. Highlights of education projects included in the governor’s proposal include:

Regional Civic Centers and Downtown Improvements

The governor’s bonding proposal invests $98.5 million in the downtowns of regional centers; projects that will create jobs, attract additional private investment, and support economic development in communities across Minnesota. Those investments include:

Roads and Bridges

Investing in strong, reliable transportation infrastructure is a critical part of building an economic environment where businesses can thrive. Repairing our roads and bridges for the future with smart investments will help support and attract businesses, and put hundreds of Minnesotans back to work in the construction trades. That is why the Governor’s bonding proposal invests $46.6 million in transportation infrastructure, including:

Other Investments

The proposal also includes additional investments in projects of statewide and regional importance, including:

A complete list of projects and an interactive map are available on the Governor’s website.