Korean War Veterans Weigh in on Current Tension

Posted at: 04/08/2013 7:03 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Talks of a missile launch in North Korea are coming sixty years after the end of the Korean War. It's making some worry about another war starting between the North and the South, and whether or not American troops would be sent in to help.

A group of veterans from Rochester, who fought in the Korean war so many years ago, just returned from a special trip to Washington D.C.

Every Monday morning at Grandma's kitchen in Rochester, in a sea of white hats, you can find this group of men, all with a common bond.
"It's our Monday morning fix. It seems like if we don't come here and enjoy this, you've got a bad week," said Cyril Kubista, a Korean War Vet.

They are all Korean War Vets. They come together to share stories and give each other support. But Monday was a little different. Some of these men just got back from a week long bus trip to Washington D.C. To see their war memorial.

"It was a lot of feelings for people. People really had the feelings and seeing different things and it's really a neat memorial," said Merle Peterson.

"This was a special trip for us. Just to get the Korean War Vets to the memorial. I'm proud and happy to say the trip went really well, I thought. I think the group enjoyed it," added Duane Haugen, another veteran.

However, the trip wasn't the only topic of conversation. US officials suspect North Korea may be getting ready for a missile test. And now, these men are hoping, 60 years after their war ended, history won't repeat itself.

"We just hope that they can work it out before there's any action that takes place," said Haugen.

"The leader over there of North Korea is young. He's aggressive and that they're trying to make his name. But hopefully he can see the light and change things," said Kubista.

For now though, these vets will continue to drink their coffee, and share their memories every Monday morning.
"This is what it's all about now," said Kubista.

The vets say they started the Korean War Club about twelve years ago, because they didn't quite feel like they fit in with other vet groups, like the World War Two one. Now, they have more than 200 members.