Two Teens Battling Cancer Attend Prom

Posted at: 04/15/2013 6:46 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- For nearly a month, two Kasson-Mantorville seniors have been fighting the toughest battle of their life—cancer. But for a few minutes this past Saturday, they were able to forget about the chemotherapy and hospital stays and live as regular teenagers at their senior prom.

"We kinda walked up to the arch and I was expecting like claps and stuff, but everybody like stood up and kind of like an encore and I was really overwhelming like with emotion,” said Raya Luebbe.

"Surprising, I was really happy didn't expect them, nice to know that there's a lot of people that understood our case and were being supportive,” said Jeremy Brossard.

Walking side by side, a walker supporting them, Raya and Jeremy sharing the spotlight, for a few moments, allowing them to forget what they’ve been going through for the past month.

"Scary and surprised, hard to take it all at once,” said Brossard.

On March 16th, Jeremy was diagnosed with leukemia. Within just one week, Raya, was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.

"When I heard that it was cancer, I was like whoa. Kinda brought back about it,” said Luebbe.

But before Raya’s diagnosis, prom plans were already made, a dress already bought. Low blood cells though, threatening those plans, doctors worried she could get too sick. But Raya was determined to go.

"Before they came I actually put my prom dress on so they could see me in it and maybe they would let me go,” said Luebbe.

She’d wear that dress, taking pictures in the hospital with friends, walking once around the gym with a date, then again with Jeremy. This time to a standing ovation. Walking together in their fight against cancer, with the community behind them.

"Being able to like see everybody at once and be back in that normal setting, that meant a lot to me,” said Luebbe.

"It’s nice knowing we have people who understand our case and who are being supportive,” said Brossard.

"I didn't stop smiling, my mouth hurt,” added Luebbe.

A photo of Jeremy and Raya that was posted on the Dodge County Stroll shortly after the grand march went viral. Organizers say so far 1 million people have seen it.