Local Ties To Boston Marathon Create Worry

Posted at: 04/15/2013 10:42 PM
Updated at: 04/15/2013 10:46 PM
By: John Doetkott

(ABC 6 News) -- While obviously a very scary and emotional day for everyone in Boston, Monday was also very difficult for people with loved ones running in the race, who could only watch on TV, hoping and waiting for word that they were okay.

529 Minnesotans competed in the race as well as 158 from Iowa, and for loved ones at home, the hardest part was just not knowing.

Thousands of people across the country shared the same terrifying thought: Are my loved ones okay?

As the tragic events unfolded Monday afternoon, many people tried desperately to get in contact with their friends and family.

“There's a lot of phone calls going on. People want to know are our Team Red members okay? Are area Rochester people okay?” said Tom O’Leary who leads the Team Red running group in Byron. “A lot of text messages, a lot of Facebook messages."

O’Leary had 11 teammates running in the race, and was relieved to learn that his friends made it out alright.

“By all accounts everybody is okay, yet it doesn't take away from the fact of how scary that is and how many people there are to pray for and care about,” O’Leary said. “Nobody should be in that situation."

Others struggled to shake off their worries and remain positive.

“It was just quick thinking, just hoping that I could reach somebody and hoping that everybody was okay,” said Jana Janosik who knew five people competing in today’s race. “I didn't really think too negatively until I heard from somebody."

No one Janosik knew was injured, but even good news couldn't bring a silver lining to the day.

With fears of injured loved ones now subdued, thoughts turned to those who were not so fortunate.

“Once you get past that, ‘Okay the people I know are okay,’ then you can start thinking about, ‘Wow there's a lot of people that may not be okay and there's a lot of lives affected,’" O’Leary said.