Police Nationwide Can Learn from Boston Bombing Case

Posted at: 04/20/2013 9:29 PM
Updated at: 04/20/2013 10:20 PM
By: Ellen Galles

In the coming days and weeks, law enforcement say they will be compiling "after-action" reports, analyzing what worked and what didn't to better prepare for future emergencies - like the Boston Marathon bombing.

We spoke with local public safety experts who say one of the biggest challenges appeared to be containment.   If investigators had been able to confine a specific area when searching for the bombing suspect, a major metropolitan city possibly wouldn't have been brought to a standstill during the search.

"It's impossible to lock down an area that big, no matter how many forces you have," said Larry Yatch, former Navy SEAL and owner of Sealed Mindset In New Hope.

Others are praising the constant communication with the public.   It was constant Friday, and many believe it was absolutely necessary to get the public to cooperate during the massive manhunt.

"One of the things we're learning is the absolute requirement to communicate with the public.  To tell them what you know, what you need them to do, and when you're going to update them next," said Joe Kelly with Minnesota's Department of Public Safety.