Stillborn Baby Found in Hospital Linens Had 14-Year-Old Mother

Posted at: 04/23/2013 1:56 PM
Updated at: 04/23/2013 3:50 PM
By: Maricella Miranda

A 14-year-old girl gave birth to a stillborn baby that was found last week in hospital linens, according to a charge accusing the baby's 32-year-old father of statutory rape. 

The girl gave birth to the baby April 3 at Regions Hospital in St. Paul, the Ramsey County criminal complaint said. The baby was later found in hospital linens at a laundry service used by the hospital, said Sgt. Paul Paulos, St. Paul police spokesman.

The girl met the man, identified as Jose Armando Recinos-Ramirez, last summer at the Mall of America, the complaint said. They began dating in September.

Recinos-Ramirez reportedly told the girl he was 17 years old, the complaint said. The girl said the last time they had sex was before Christmas.

At first, the girl was reluctant to give police information about the man, who she said was still her boyfriend, the complaint said. She said the man fled to El Salvador because he was in the country illegally. The girl told police he was only person she had sex with.

Recinos-Ramirez later told police that the girl said she was 18, according to the complaint. He said he had sex with her one or two times.

Recinos-Ramirez was at the hospital when the baby was born, but he told police he didn't know if he was the father because the girl was "messing around," the charge said.

The stillborn baby was found last week by employees at Crothall Healthcare, a laundry service in Red Wing, which is about 45 miles south of the Twin Cities.

The stillborn was 22 weeks gestational age.

Regions Hospital officials initially thought that two stillborn babies were in the same laundry basket that was sent to the laundry service. But Crothall Healthcare said no other remains were found.

The hospital has apologized for the incident.

Recinos-Ramirez, of St. Paul, has been charged with felony third-degree criminal sexual conduct involving his reported relationship with the girl.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.