Made in the Midwest: Artesian Well

Posted at: 04/24/2013 5:41 PM
Updated at: 05/01/2013 7:45 AM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 News) -- For this edition of "Made in the Midwest," we travel to the small community of LeRoy to show you a company that's all about the H20, Artesian Well.

"It's a totally hidden treasure in Southern Minnesota, says general manager Gerald Payne.

Driving down Highway 56, just outside of LeRoy, you'll come across a small fountain, which symbolizes a company making a big impact.

"When the owners of a farm were building their new house, which is on the same property, they drilled the well and all of a sudden they hit an artesian well and cavity that shot roughly 14 to 16 feet up in the air."

Two years later, Artesian Well Incorporated was born. It's specialty water or bottled water to be more specific.

"Ours is artesian water, which is actually found in a cavity in the ground that's been there for hundreds of thousands of years. It's untouched by human hands," said Payne.

The company, while only employing eight people, captures that artesian well water, and makes about 24,000 a day with it.

"Right now, we really get busy in the springtime. It's starting to pick up right now because everybody's starting to look at traveling and convenience and they want bottled water," said Payne.

And it's not just the water, it's the bottles too. They blow the bottles themselves.

The bottles start out looking like this little tube. They then go through this machine, called a blow molder. Through a mixture of heat and air pressure.

"When someone's drinking, like I'll see them drinking my bottle and I'm like yeah I made that and they go what?" said employee Nathanial Carlin.

"The other thing that's really important is all of our bottles and caps are biodegradable. If it gets thrown into a landfill it'll eventually deteriorate," said Payne.

All of this coming from a well that was accidently found on a prairie in LeRoy.

Next Wednesday we'll take you to a Winona company that specializes in keeping you on the water instead of drinking it.

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