Coaching across state lines

Posted at: 04/25/2013 6:34 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Joe Squires is in a unique position.

"It allows me to coach the sport I love almost year-round," Squires said.

Because boys soccer is a fall sport in Minnesota but a spring sport in Iowa, Squires can coach two area schools - Albert Lea and Mason City.

"It really allows me to try different things out, and see what would work with one team, and then write some notes and see how it would work with a different team," Squires said.

"I feel like I get a chance to explore and experiment at two different places," Rick Barnhill said.

It's something Barnhill couldn't pass up, either.  He's returned to the Mason City girls after a six-year absence, and he's about to enter his tenth year on the bench at Albert Lea this fall.

"I get to see how things play out in two different environments," Barnhill said.

It's something not many coaches can relate to.

"I've heard of different coaches moving from state to state," Squires said.

Barnhill was one of them.

In between stints at Mason City, he coached in Florida, but coaching two teams in the same area gives him a chance to save money.

"It allows me to stay home with my cat, too," Barnhill said.

"This is just a perfect opportunity for me to drive about 45 minutes each way, and coach both (in Mason City) and back home (in Albert Lea)," Squires said.