Documents Reveal What DMC Could Bring to Rochester

Posted at: 04/30/2013 6:41 PM
By: Brittany Lewis

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- After two close votes, the Destination Medical Center project passed through the Senate and now we have an idea of what DMC could look like.

The DMC proposal calls for $585 million for public infrastructure and some documents are showing just where that money will go for everything from transportation to parking.

"What would it take to develop Rochester primarily the downtown to handle 30,000 more employees downtown and several million more annual visitors?” said Gary Nuemann, Assistant City Administrator.

Neumann says a plan put together by the city, Mayo Clinic, and a consulting firm, is just a guideline, but gives an idea of just where that money could go.

"The bulk of the cost of this plan is for basic type infrastructure, it's really transportation, transit, parking, and public utilities,” said Neumann.

Those plans include $92 million in improvements to downtown streets and sidewalks, 15 new skyways and/or subways, $40 million worth of new buses, bus shelters, and bus stops.

$78 million would go to public utility improvement like new sewer and sanitary lines. $103 million in new public space, including a $78 million gathering space that can be used year round.

"In a lot of the downtowns that are in colder climates have some spaces like that and if you really want to compete not just nationally, but internationally, you really do need a space for that,” said Neumann.

The plan also looks at civic uses, adding that the Mayo Civic Center expansion is an important part of the DMC plan and that the entire plan is anchored by Mayo Clinic, UMR, and the Mayo Civic Center. A plan that won’t be officially decided until the bill is passed.

"At the end of the day, it will be up to the board to prioritize the funding,” said Neumann.

Much of the funding would come from the city, county, and state that is proposed in the House and Senate bills. But the plan takes into account, what the city might already spend on infrastructure costs.