Trash Mountain Tops 10 Tons

Posted at: 04/30/2013 6:46 PM
By: Katie Eldred

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- For seven years community members have been helping to make Rochester “A Litter Bit Better”. Tuesday we got an idea of what kind of impact that has on the area.

With 230 different groups and more than three thousand volunteers Rochester is now a much cleaner community.

"Sports teams, scouts, faith groups, businesses, they all got together and just picked up the trash," said Megan Duffey-Moeller.

Duffey-Moeller with Rochester Public works says the week of cleaning up as part of A Litter Bit Better has many benefits for the community.

"It helps prevent people from littering it also helps that we have a lot of kids in the program and they learn that littering is not okay," said Duffey-Moeller.

On Tuesday all of the trash collected from the area ditches and parks was weighed. In total more than ten tons was collected.

"We're still cleaning up litter each year, so there's still change that needs to happen," said Duffey-Moeller.

"Last year we collected the least amount of trash, so we were hoping we'd actually have less in weight, it turned out we has more than last year by about 4 tons," said organizer Mike Kraszewski.

Along with more trash this year they also found more illegal dumping. Including enough tires to fill an entire dumpster.

"In one site we found 30 tires in it," said Kraszewski.

A sign that more awareness and education is needed.

"They can really make a difference and it really only takes a few hours to do it," said Kraszewski.

Year after year they are seeing more volunteers put in more time to make things “A Litter Bit Better”.

“We've heard that people don't wait until April anymore, they do it year round and it builds community and a sense of place," said Duffey-Moeller.

Last year the program collected nearly six tons of trash.