Sharie Furst

Posted at: 05/01/2013 6:09 PM
By: Laura Lee

 (ABC 6 News) -- Her fun energy is so contagious, her students can't help but enjoy the class assignment.

"We are learning about the solar system," Sharie Furst teaches third grade elementary at Kasson Elementary and when we stopped in to surprise her we got a lesson on the solar system as well.

"It's a lesson on reading, but we had to do math because we need sizes of our planets and science is figuring what planets say as they go around the sun," says Furst about the solar system skit. 

Teaching science is one of her claims to fame as she also just recently won Minnesota's Elementary Science Teacher of the Year.

"I teach because, what a difference you can make for them, " she says, "it feels super."

But awards or not, it's her students that keep her going.

"I love the excitement and who they are, the sun is the star, but everyone of my kids is a star to me."