Former Iowa Slaughterhouse Manager Back in Iowa

Posted at: 05/03/2013 10:41 AM

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (AP) - A former manager at an Iowa kosher slaughterhouse is set to appear in federal court after being extradited from Israel.
Hosam Amara has been indicted on charges of harboring people in the country illegally. He fought extradition from Israel, where he fled after a 2008 immigration raid at the former Agriprocessors Inc. meatpacking plant in Postville.
The U.S. Attorney's Office says he has been returned to Iowa, and he'll appear Friday in Cedar Rapids for an initial hearing and arraignment.
Prosecutors say Amara fled after federal agents arrested nearly 400 Agriprocessors workers on charges that they were in the country illegally. Amara was arrested in Israel on March 31, 2011.
Former Agriprocessors Vice President Shalom Rubashkin was sentenced to 27 years in prison on financial fraud charges following the raid.
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