Utility Crews Working Hard to Restore Power

Posted at: 05/03/2013 6:39 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Crews from People's Cooperative Services say the hardest part about getting power back is trees. They have to cut and clear all the branches before they can even get to the power lines. That means hundreds of people spent most of today without power.

"After about 10 o'clock last night I figured we were in it for the long haul," said Chris Liffrig of Oronoco.

Chris Liffrig had it right. He lives in Oronoco and just like thousands of other homes around the area, his family has been without power since yesterday morning.

"The house was down to 55 degrees last night before I decided to hook things up and heat things back up it would have been just really uncomfortable," said Liffrig.

Starting up the generator was Chris' only choice.

"Having to alternate between fridges and things to keep things cool so they don't spoil. You're limited to water because we are on private wells out here," said Liffrig.

A tree branch knocked out the transformer and power to one side of Chris' street. A common story in southern Minnesota Friday.

"It's just a never ending battle with the trees,” said Rich Kendall of People’s Energy Cooperative.

People's Energy Cooperative have lots of lines to cover and many are in rural areas.

"Every time we get somebody on, we phone in let them know they power is on then they send us to a new location,” said Kendall.

Chris Liffrig simply hopes it's his location that's next.

"It's a waiting game you know, until you're next in line," said Liffrig.

Crews are out working and they hope to have everyone's electricity back on by tonight. Regardless of where you live -- they do ask if you're power has not turned on yet to make sure to call them.

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