Albert Lea Community Clears Tree Damage From Snowstorm

Posted at: 05/04/2013 10:46 PM
By: Jenna Lohse

(ABC 6 NEWS)-- After a historic spring storm dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of Southeast Minnesota. Many people in Albert Lea spent the day trying to clean up.


"Even in all the snow storms that we've had we've never had, you know, we've had a branch or two. But I just couldn't believe the size of branches that came down in this one,” said Michele Etherington of Albert Lea.


Michele Etherington had to call in back up after Thursday's snowstorm took out large branches from all three trees in her backyard.


"Thank goodness for family,” said Etherington.


Michele wasn't alone in her clean up Saturday.  


"There was you know good size trees, I mean trees that were probably a hundred years old that half of them were gone,” said Etherington.


Tree branches were scattered everywhere across town.


"I was planning on golfing today, not cleaning up the tree,” said Al Prescott of Albert Lea.


Al Prescott only has one tree in his front yard, and a good portion of it now has to go.


"The top of the tree is in pretty bad shape, so we'll have to get a bucket truck to come in,” said Prescott.


Clearing branches was an all-day chore for Albert Lea city workers as well.


"A lot of the trees had hangers in the streets had hangers in them. So we went all the way down the street just stopped at each tree, inspected them and took out any hangers or hazards that we saw,” said Ben Bangert who works for the city of Albert Lea.  


Tree debris came in by the truck loads to the City Transfer Station. As well as here at the old farm land site in town and it may be hard to tell by looking at it right now but this site was completely empty two days ago.


"I've hauled about three loads already and I got about another three loads to go,” said Paul Olson of Albert Lea.


Michele Etherington and her crew easily filled three loads, and the clean-up from the historic may snowstorm doesn't stop there.


"I'm sure we've left a good trail of little sticks that we will find in the spring after all the snow melts, or if we get spring,” said Etherington.


For many people, cleaning up the debris from Thursdays snowstorm isn't just a one day job. Albert Lea is just one of many cities that experienced major tree damage.