Child Psychologist Testifies in Crooks Case

Posted at: 05/06/2013 6:23 PM
By: Dan Conradt

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- It was a crime that left us stunned. A 13-year-old north Iowa boy, accused of shooting his mother more than 20 times.

Monday, testimony continued in the murder trial of Noah Crooks.

It's a point neither side is debating.  On March 24th of last year Noah Crooks shot and killed his mother. On Monday, the teenager's attorneys called an expert witness to try to explain why.

"I think this was a pretty depressed kid who was feeling socially very isolated from his peers,” said Dr. Donner Dewdney.

Dewdney has been a child psychiatrist for nearly 50 years. He met with Noah Crooks four time last August … five months after the shooting.

Following the meetings, Dewdney determined that Noah Crooks is suffering from ADHD and something else.

“The more important problem which was an underlying mood disorder."

Specifically, a condition known as IED, or  Intermittent Explosive Disorder. It's characterized by sudden, violent outbursts.

Noah crooks was reportedly addicted to violent video games, but his mother had taken away his video game controller because of his bad grades. About one hour before the shooting, she again said *no* when Noah Crooks asked for the controller back.

Dr. Donner Dewdney said it could have been the event that sparked Noah Crooks' rage.

"It's a discharge event and he needs to keep repeating the event over and over and over again."

He also testified that he didn't believe Gretchen Crooks was initially the target ... that Noah Crooks needed to vent his rage, and his mother was there.

"When Noah is in the middle of a rage there is no capacity, no room for him to figure out whether this act is right or wrong," Dr. Dewdney testified. 

Trial continues Tuesday morning.