Cleanup from Record Snow Continues

Posted at: 05/06/2013 6:30 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- The historic spring storm that hit last week brought record-breaking snowfall totals, and it also brought a lot of damage.    

Cleanup has officially begun at Oakwood Cemetery in Rochester. More than 100 trees were damaged in Thursday's snowstorm, creating a mess and adding to an already busy spring.

"This is a lot of work for us that we really didn't need. I would guess this is gonna take at least two weeks to get the trees cleaned up and get everything chipped," said Kyle Lee, the cemetery's superintendent.

There are trees down all around the cemetery, but fortunately there was no serious damage done to any of the memorials there. 

"We'll get a lot of traffic in here over the next couple weeks with families coming in. It is disheartening for families to come in and see this, the way it is," said Lee.

Cleanup isn't just happening at the cemetery. Over at Hathaway Tree Service, things were busy all day on Monday.

"We've got a really large amount of pines and cedars coming in," said owner Richard Cordie.

It's not expected to end any time soon.

"It's really really picked up. Its Monday and snow's gone, beautiful weather. Everybody seems to be hauling in their debris. By this weekend its going to be extremely busy," said Cordie.

Eventually though, things will be cleaned up and everything will go back to normal. However, the enormity of the spring snowstorm will not soon be forgotten.

"We have not had any damage like this in the winter months from a snow storm, since I've been here. We have had some summer damage, tree damage and that type. But nothing to this extreme since I've been here," said Lee.

There are only a few people on staff at the cemetery. With more than 50 acres of burials, they are in need of volunteers who could help. If you're interested, call the cemetery office at 507-202-1608.