Rochester Officers Honored for Saving Lives

Posted at: 05/08/2013 6:41 PM
By: Brianna Long

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Every day, police officers put themselves in harm's way, to make sure others are safe. Sometimes, they find themselves in very dangerous situations. But Wednesday, some Rochester Police Officers were honored for their work.

"Hearing screaming and crying children, that's scary," remembers Rochester Police Officer Aaron Penning.

On January 14th, Officer Penning and his partner, Officer Shamus Ryan, responded to a call unlike any they had experienced before.

"Myself and Officer Penning ran up the stairs and we could hear a woman and children screaming through a window and there was smoke coming out the door," said Officer Ryan.

A woman and her five children were trapped inside a burning apartment. The officers came to the rescue.

"I'm just glad there was no injury or loss of life with that fire," said Officer Penning.

"Getting the kids out and seeing them take a few breaths, was actually pretty rewarding," added Officer Ryan.

The officers' quick thinking earned them a police lifesaving award. They weren't alone. In all, 30 people were recognized by Rochester Police Chief Roger Peterson for their work in helping out he Police Department. In addition to Officers Penning and Ryan, two other officers were honored for helping save a man from killing himself. And two citizens were awarded for saving a man's life at a golf course last year.

And while everyone says they don't do it for awards; they also agree it does feel good to know their work doesn't go unnoticed.

"It's good to have your efforts recognized, see the fruits of your labor. Makes you feel good," said Officer Ryan.