Drew Applegath

Posted at: 05/08/2013 6:49 PM

(ABC 6 NEWS) -- Drew Applegath has been playing lacrosse much longer than most of his teammates.

"I started playing because of my brother. I think I was in fourth grade," he said.

He's been on the Century team since he was in 8th grade, but the captain has really come into his own recently.

"The last year he's really stepped up and become a leader on our team, he's kind of focused really on what his goals are and what he wants to do as a player," says head coach Andy Roth. "He's worked really hard towards reaching those and the results are showing up on the field and benefitting the whole team."

Applegath knows how to score, but he has something else he loves to do in a game too. In fact, he may even like it more than putting it into the net.

"I pride myself on my assists because they're kind of hard to get. Unlike in hockey, it's harder to get an assist in lacrosse," explained the senior.

The selflessness he shows in a game speaks to Drew's character. So does the fact that he stays after practice and helps younger kids learn the game of lacrosse.

"He's giving back to the game of lacrosse and that's something as a team that we ask our players to do," says Roth. "It's a new sport and we're up and coming. He's certainly giving back to a lot of the youth players, he's always happy to stick around and he's been doing that the last several years."

And Applegath loves being able to see his sport grow.