Jennifer Finch-Mitchell

Posted at: 05/08/2013 7:26 PM
By: Laura Lee

 (ABC 6 News) --Every week we honor an area educator and while most week's we see classroom teachers, this week's award goes to a well-deserving school counselor.

Jennifer Finch-Mitchell is a counselor at Mayo High School in Rochester and works with students on a daily basis helping them to overcome obstacles in their lives,"our young people face problems everyday."

From problems at home, to classroom concerns. "Dealing with situations, that as an adult I don't know if I can cope with as well," says Finch-Mitchell, "for some kids just showing up at school is an accomplishment."

Accomplishments that sometimes get overlooked and Finch-Mitchell says for some students those milestones make a huge difference.

"Sometimes i'll see a student in ninth grade dealing with an issue and then by their senior year they're doing really well," she says.

And seeing her kids succeed is the best part of her job.

"It's awesome to work with young people and I feel inspired everyday."