Opponents Rally Against Minn. Gay Marriage Vote

Posted at: 05/09/2013 10:17 AM

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - Opponents of gay marriage say they expect more than 1,000 people who share their views to turn out for a historic vote in the Minnesota House.

House members are scheduled to debate and vote Thursday on legalizing same-sex marriage. The Senate is expected to vote Monday.
Opponents began gathering at the Capitol hours before the debate began. Dozens gathered around the Rev. Steve Goold of New Hope Church for a prayer before setting out to lobby lawmakers.
Goold told followers that they had the power to move people who haven't made up their minds. He urged them to be respectful -- not to shout and boo, but to pray.
Several opponents held bright pink signs that said "Vote no."
Supporters of gay marriage expected a huge turnout, too.
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